Snap Happy Days at Victoria & Albert Museum / London 2002

It can sometimes be hard to be creative for fear of not being good at it, so the V&A decided to stage Snap Happy Days, a nine-day photography event at the V&A from 15 to 23 February, where visitors of all ages worked creatively with photographers. They helped visitors create their own photography using photobooths, instant cameras and Lomo cameras.

“Everyone is an artist“ Lomography World President, 2002
Anyone can be an artist, especially if you make the effort to explore your creative side. However, stress from a person’s daily grind can squeeze out the creativity in one’s life. This is why it’s a good thing that there are now so many ways in which we can now incorporate art into our daily lives – even making it a part of our daily routine. Aside from readily accessible art forms – may it be statues/sculptures erected in parks and gallery exhibits, photography is actually one of the most accessible art forms that one can venture in. As one of the most democratic forms of art, photography is accessible to young and old, rich or poor – and you don’t even need to have a degree in order to pursue it. With everything that is happening around us, one can just easily pick up a camera and start capturing images from the seemingly mundane to something that is extraordinary.

“Don’t think, just shoot” The Lomographic Society
The greatest obstacle that one can encounter when it comes to pursuing his/her creative side is the fear of the unknown. Part of the fun of the whole creative process is making mistakes – and learning how to correct them. So what if you don’t know how to load a roll of film into a camera? So what if you do not know what “aperture” means? The most important thing is that you’re willing to learn – to at least try and just enjoy the ride.

To shake off that fear, V&A decided to stage a nine-day photography event called, Snap Happy Days at the V&A from February 15 to 23, 2002. This gave visitors of all ages the opportunity to work creatively with photographers and in the process, improve on their own photography through photobooths, instant cameras, and Lomo cameras. Such equipment proved that location, film/developing techniques and camera control are actually irrelevant when creating great pictures. The event enabled visitors to take their own pictures and contribute to a photo exhibition featuring fresh, creative images.

The founding mission of the V&A has always been to inspire creativity – may it be with professional artists, designers, and general visitors. The V&A wants to show the best of what is being created now and what has been produced in the past. It serves as a great inspiration pool for everyone to come and just immerse themselves in the arts.

If you didn’t have a chance to come and take part in the Snap Happy event, explore this website, and find tips on creative snapshot photography, see what others have done, and explore the background to snapshot photography. Susan McCormack, Senior Curator head of Contemporary Programs, Victoria and Albert Museum.

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