Back Home for Xmas, Mind the Xray!

How I decided to play my Christmas photo mission lomographically, the story. At first the family was a bit dubious, but in the end they loved the picture and it was a great experience for me as well; will do again… except that next time I’ll take a bigger hand luggage with me, better than risking xray damage on film for those precious memories!

As it is, I’m the GGTFSM (Great Guardian of the Temple of Family Sacred Memories); by this I mean I’m the one in charge of taking pictures during Christmas. This being because my family, bless, think just because I modeled for fashion pictures before I’m the most skilled to immortalize Grand-pa’s new jumper. When I say Grand-pa’s new jumper, it’s obviously a lie, as my Grand wears no jumper considering it’s about 38 degrees the 25th of December, in Reunion Island…

Anyway, regardless of this jumper detail, I’ve been snapping around family portrait for years now, a bit bored also because people do take the pose all the time, and I don’t like poses .

“–But you worked in fashion? –But why did I quit mom? –Erm?”
Erm, exactly.

This year I thought that really I had enough of taking big EOS 400D with me and all the lenses and stuff, and took my new little love with me, in case you still haven’t understood, that is the Diana Mini, and the Actionsampler Flash to help her.

Blimey, family pictures for Christmas with a small plastic camera??? The GGTFSM nearly lost her job, but interviews for the post couldn’t be held with so short notice, so they decided I was still on for the job.
So, you want to know if they liked the pictures in the end? They loved them of course! And so did I as at last I could be discreet and snap snap everything without people noticing as the Diana Mini is such a cute little thing. Actionsampler Flash is excellent for toddlers all the time walking to the camera as well!

The only thing is, I was in some kind of the world tour, as I left Madrid where I live to go to Paris then Reunion island where my family is then Sydney then back Reunion island, Paris, and Madrid. Because I’m a baby bit of an idiot I thought “no, don’t put film in your hand luggage you’d spill something in it, safer in checked in luggage”, so they literally got bombarded 6 times with Xray, woohoo! Well, you know what, even after this, it seems that the mighty Lomo 400 film is still decent, sigh, long live Family Sacred Memories, that upon my request are now called Family Analog Memories.

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