Making the Most of My Weekends

As I look forward to the rest of 2011, I have thought of an excellent resolution that I would really like to put into practice. I think that if I manage to carry out the resolution, it will massively improve my lomographs and the quality of my shooting through both better context and more practice.

Today it was Sunday, and I have been massively busy at work all week. I woke up all geared up to go out in the bright sunshine like we have had in Leeds for the past couple of days and shoot a few rolls of film. Imagine my disappointment when I looked out of my curtains to see bug grey clouds and no sun whatsoever. Not that I was surprised but in the UK, this is a common problem for me and my photography. Some of my favourite cameras and films need a bit if good ole sunshine to get the best out of them.

Credits: mephisto19

Today, I decided to venture out with my trusty camera bag anyway and take a few photos at my local park. I don’t know how they will have come out yet but now I feel like even though I haven’t done much else, my weekend hasn’t been wasted as I went out and did that little bit of lomography. I realized then that last year some of my best pictures were taken on holidays, seeing places I have never seen before through a plastic lens.

Credits: kneehigh85
Credits: kneehigh85

This year, although I am fortunate enough to be going on 2 lovely holidays in 2011- Krakow and New York, I can’t afford to go somewhere exotic every weekend. I am lucky enough however to own a car, have a job good enough to buy petrol and own a fair few cameras. I am therefore going to make sure that I go somewhere to take some photos each and every weekend. It doesn’t have to be far or expensive, it just has to be somewhere. I only live an hour away from the seaside and the lovely lake district so I will probably start there. And even if the weather isn’t great, I will do what I did today, wrap up warm and make the most of it with a flash.

Credits: kneehigh85

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