Feeding the beast with Lomography X-Pro Chrome (35mm, 100 ISO)


Fine grain and blue tones after cross processing? Is it possible? It seems so…

Lomography has been able to offer us x-pro fanatics a fine successor of the much missed Agfa CT Precisa. Rumour had it that both films were almost identical and I was really looking forward to using it. So… is it the same emulsion? I don’t think so. Firstly, it’s manufactured in the USA, and not in Europe or Japan (that is not conclusive evidence, though). And the blues are slightly different from those of the classic Agfa emulsion. It’s as if the film moved in the colder spectrum of light, if such a thing is possible.

Credits: basho

This film seems to perform rather well in low light conditions, although loaded it on my LC-A+ and we may give credit to camera’s the light meter for that.

Credits: basho

However, at low speeds, Lomography X-Pro Chrome manages to keep fantastic colours:

Credits: basho

And, best of all, on some occasions it produces an amazing vignetting:

Credits: basho

So we might as well say that it is a good runner-up as compared to the Agfa. I am sure I could easily regard it as one of my favourite. We’ll see what happens when the good weather comes and I can use it under the sun.

written by basho on 2011-02-25 #gear #film #35mm #review #lomography #x-pro #cross-processing #lomography-film #user-review
translated by basho

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