Solaris 100: Light Yellow Tones

I achieved unexpected results the first time I used an Italian film, Ferrania Solaris, I spammed the ISO 100 Solaris under bright daylight without thinking about the results. I burnt through one roll of film until my winder can’t turn anymore…

When the photos are developed, I realized that the colors are somewhat faded, with a light yellowish tone, giving a vintage, faded feel.

The colors of Solaris 100 are not outstanding due to the light, faded tones, if the subject is blue or yellow biased, the faded effect will be even more pronounced. The subject will be subdued; just like old photos that had been kept for 20 years in a cookie jar, with a different feel. However, if you subjects have darker color tones such as black, blue or red, the effects will be very different. The yellow overtones of Solaris 100 will lighten the darker subject, compensating it, giving it the right color saturation!

What do I say about this film? Let me use aperture as an example, it is like shooting it wide open, resulting in a slight overexposure. Like I mentioned, when I take darker subjects, the aperture will “adjust” automatically, resulting in a balanced photo.

One film, two effects, fun and full of surprises! Next time, you can also try the reddish Solaris 200, which is easier to control.

written by bigbird on 2011-03-22 #gear #film #negative #review #square #hong-kong #iso-100 #ferrania #solaris #lomography #hk #diana-mini #shatin #user-review
translated by coolsigg

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