Fantasy Double Exposure


Since our life started into the “always working time”, everyone could image how bored we think. But I still wanna take some pictures. (though there’s nothing special around me.) So I have a fantasy idea! I like to do the special double exposure with myself!

First I took one roll film, nothing special, just record my life. then start to the beginning, I do the double exposure on the same film.
The second time, the aperture should be maximum, the focus should be shortest, then I just take the night brokeh, lots of beautiful and colorful Bokeh. because it’s the second time to shoot, so the dark night didn’t exposure on the film, only the Bokeh.

I tried many different places the time, like day time, sunset, in the room and outside. I like the sunset most! you can see the pictures are really dreamy and fantasy! (that’s why I called it “Fantasy Double Exposure”!

If you come to Lomography Taipei Store, you might take pictures with this mirror! with these Bokeh, the pictures become more beautiful, doesn’t it?

The experiment was very successful! I’ve already thought what I can do another special double exposure with myself!

There are some Lomography camera, they can do double exposure as well, try them!

Sprocket Rocket
Horizon Kompakt
Diana F+
Diana Mini
Fisheye 2

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written by lomogreenpin on 2011-05-09 #gear #tutorials #tipster #fantasy-double-exposure-tw


  1. paddlepop
    paddlepop ·

    thunbs up~ =)

  2. paddlepop
    paddlepop ·

    thumbs up~ =)

  3. narkalen
    narkalen ·

    Hey lomogreenpin, what setting should I have to set my Diana Mini to get results like those ( I mean the fantasy effect)


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