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My family in Ukraine knows that I love soviet cameras and sent me a Fed 2

Manufactured 1955-1970, about 2 million are made by FED Machine Works Kharkov Ukraine. The FED name comes from Felix E. Dzerzhinsky founder of the original Soviet Secret Police. The FED 2 replaced the FED 1 in 1955 , a combined rangefinder viewfinder which results in a simple process of focusing and composing photograph in the same viewfinder. On FED 1 focusing and composing the photograph are two separate tasks requiring the use of two viewfinder windows.

Film loading is now a simple task not requiring special cut film leader as the whole camera back is detachable. The FED-2 is therefore a simple camera with just two detail changes that were enough to create something special.

With a weight of approximately 595g the FED 2 feels great in the hands, with a comfortable vulcanized exterior and a smooth shutter (Always cock the shutter before changing film speeds). This little beauty, in its version FED 2 E comes with an Industar 61 lens, also produced at FED factory, with a focal length from 52mm provides a range of aperture from f/2.8 to f/16.

- Film 35mm
- Lens is a screw mount 39mm X 26 tpi Lexical type
- Focusing 1 m to infinity
- Shutter (Always cock the shutter before changing film speeds!)
- Speeds B-30,60,125,250,500
- Dioper adjustment lever

Important information
-Always cock the shutter before changing film speeds
-You must not point the camera at the sun as it will burn a hole through the shutter curtain

I really should spent more time with this camera more often…

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    I have 1 of these, also, from about 1957, that is dark blue instead of black. It makes a bit of a fashion statement. I need an old Navy peacoat to match.

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