Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA


I woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning and had no plans other than going downtown to a friend’s yard sale. So the first thing that I did was grab my camera bag and head out of the house. I knew I wanted to take some photos but wasn’t sure where. After browsing through the great yard sale items, I asked my friend if he knows any places close by that I can snap a few pictures of. He brings up Oakland Cemetery which is only about a mile away from his house.

Credits: lomogregory

Upon arriving at Oakland, I am immediately blown away with the beauty of this old cemetery. The place is huge to say the least, and only about 5 minutes from downtown Atlanta. Unlike other attractions around Atlanta, Oakland is a place where you’re free to enter and explore. They do offer walking tours for around US$10, if someone wants to learn more information on the cemetery itself.

Having spent just about an hour walking around, I was only able to explore a fraction of this place.

Credits: lomogregory

I would recommend this location to anyone living in or planing on visiting Atlanta. There are awesome Mausoleums, Gravestones, Skyline views and famous residents (Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones) as well.

Credits: lomogregory

Oakland Cemetery website

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  1. fornoise
    fornoise ·

    Great colors and contrast! What camera and film did you use?

  2. lomogregory
    lomogregory ·

    Thanks for the compliments! I used a old Minolta Hi-Matic G camera (going to be writing a review on it soon) loaded with Fuji Provia 100 and cross processed.

  3. pfenya
    pfenya ·

    Absolutely love Oakland - it is such a great place to explore and take pictures.

  4. basho
    basho ·


  5. rtkenmore
    rtkenmore ·

    I loved wondering this cemetery when I lived in Atlanta. Wish I had my Lomo camera's back then. Great shots.

  6. donicea
    donicea ·

    It really is a great place! I took lots of pictures when i visited but that was before i had my Lomo :( Maybe I'll go back now that i have it.

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