What's Your New Year's Resolution Winner Announcement


We’ve read and received countless resolutions and plenty of promises from the community to ring in the New Year. We’re featuring the one we like best here. Read on!

Photo by: orangewithgreen

Skeptics will probably tell you that New Year’s Resolutions are meant to be broken but these little promises go a long way in shaping the things to come throughout the year. So for our What's Your New Year's Resolution Competition, we asked you guys what you resolve to change for year 2011.

fivedayforecast went soul-searching and communicated how he resolves to explore new horizons and realms uncharted. It certainly struck a chord in us so we award him the win, 15 Piggies, and the best of luck!

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  1. pepper-b
    pepper-b ·

    Congrats Mr. Fivedayforecast!! ;)

  2. disdis
    disdis ·

    That's not just a resolution but a new life project!

  3. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    well it is little consolation for the white stripes breaking up, but good work man

  4. pushkar
    pushkar ·


  5. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    congrats! :)

  6. lemonjuice
    lemonjuice ·


  7. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    Well-deserved, @fivedayforecast! Congrats!

  8. adbigmilk
    adbigmilk ·

    congrats !! great shots !

  9. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    Congratz buddy !!!

  10. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    congrats!!! :)

  11. chesty
    chesty ·

    Good work mate!

  12. basterda
    basterda ·

    Congratulations! :)

  13. fivedayforecast
    fivedayforecast ·

    Thankyou everybody! I discovered some new places already that I'm in love with!

    Don't forget to keep your own new years resolution as well!

  14. blormore
    blormore ·


  15. bluemie5
    bluemie5 ·

    well done!

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