Sharing Lomo Knowledge With a Newbie

Sharing knowledge with a Lomo newbie on Christmas day. How the ActionSampler can solve the post Xmas Dinner lull…..

It’s Chirstmas day and the family has gathered around the tree for pressie time. Yes we may not be children anymore but still. PRESENTS! Both myself and my sister got the ActionSampler Flash from Father Christmas. Her being a newbie to this Lomography malarkey, I became teacher. After Christmas dinner we got out the Lomo colour negative 800 film and I explained all I knew about ISO, expired film, shooting from the hip, accidental successes, colour film and bleaching. After overloading her with hints and tips we took to the streets for a walk with the dog, brother and boyfriend whilst the parents had a power nap.

On our walk I continued to encourage my sister to shake, roll and swoop the camera whilst I frenzied my hair or jumped off walls. We were jumping out of neighbours hedges, over the garden wall and getting the dog to chase the lens. It was certainly a good way to work off that post Turkey and wine lull with 36 action sampling shots.

We headed back home and discussed who, where and how we were going to get the photos developed on Boxing day if possible. It was great sharing my (little) Lomo knowledge with another, running around empty streets on Christmas day and making room for more pigs wrapped in blankets!

written by beckyinlondon on 2011-02-16 #lifestyle #flash #lomography #actionsampler #christmas-day #analogue-lifestyle #home-for-the-holidays-share-your-stories

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