Free Style Sprocket Hole

It’s time to enlighten you with some fantastic Lomographic ideas! With the game changing Sprocket Rocket, Lubitel 166+ and Diana F+, film has been given new and exciting possibilities. Rewind and forward frames whenever you want with the Sprocket Rocket, make vertical 360° panoramas with the Lubitel or take never-ending photos with the Diana!

Double the Fun with Sprocket Rocket

Double Panorama Technique by singleelderly

One feature of the Sprocket Rocket is that you can wind and rewind the film at any time. You’ll need to utilize this awesome function in this quickie tipster!

  • First, pick an object you want to be at the center of your final photo (a building, pillar, whatever).
  • Shoot one image (with the object you want at the center of your final photo on the far-right of the frame).
  • Next, wind!! When you see the white dot, rewind a little until you can’t see it anymore.
  • Then take a second photo (this time with the object you want at the center of your final image on the far-left of the frame).
  • Wind on and continue shooting as normal. You’ve just made your first Double Panorama!

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360 Degrees Roller Coaster with Lubitel 166+

360 Roller Coaster Technique by vita1104

Want a vertical 360° panorama? Why not take your Lubitel 166+ for a spin!

  • Take your first photo from the ground, the next from a little bit higher and keep shooting until you have spun your arm all the way, taking 360° of photos. It’s just like riding a roller coaster!
  • Just remember to leave some space to overlap photos by not winding all the way between each shot…and don’t forget to adjust the focus for different distances on your loop-the-loop journey!

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Shoot Forever with Diana F+ and Diana 35mm Back

Shoot Forever Technique by vita1104

Decide a route and record it all on a whole roll of film with your Diana camera!

  • Just take a photo, wind on, walk forward a couple of steps and take the next photo.
  • Test how many times you need to turn the knob to leave space for overlapping the next shot.

Note: Because the taking spool gets thicker as you progress through your film, the distance you need to turn the knob needs to be slightly decreased as you go. Have fun!

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Tipmeister Challenge

Now you’ve read the tips, are you up to the challenge? Then don’t wait, go grab a bunch of films and try them out!

What? This is kid’s stuff to you? Submit your own techniques to the Tipsters section of our Magazine and show the world your talents! And hey, we’ll reward you with some delicious Piggy Points for every submission, how cool is that! Remember, Piggies can be redeemed in our online Shop and 1 piggy is the equivalent of 1 USD/EUR/GBP!

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