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Here’s a short story about my two best friends from childhood. Hope you enjoy!

I’d like you to meet Camu and Peich. My two best friends since we were tiny:

Camu y Peich.

We met a looong time ago, and although for years we only saw each other during the summer, because I lived in Caracas and they in Madrid, we have always been best friends. Our friendship has gone through a thousand things: sand castles, postal letters, songs, concerts, laughing. The first drunkenness (and last), the first guy you like and first one you don’t, the first kiss. Phone calls, long phone calls. Laughs, lots of laughs and of course as it should be, many tears, some silly and some not so. And more laughs. And clothes and shopping. And coffee and dinners and bars and boyfriends. And airports and travels and sandy beaches and even a jungle. And pictures, lots of pictures! (the first analog, many with disposable cameras developed in one hour in the supermarket). And hugs, millions of hugs and kisses. And support, help and advice. For those reasons and a few other things that have no name and can not be described, these two ladies are my FRIENDS.

I’d like to propose a toast to us and to friendship!

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Best friends share so many happy hours....cheers...<:)

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