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Who else has a twin?!! Well, I do. My sister Rach is in many, many photos and has grown very used to the fact that I take way lots of pictures. I love to click away and who else better to take pictures of than my sister! Its one of the perks for being a twin!

This photo was quite accidental when I took it during last October, but it is one of my favorites. When I want to try different photo projects, she is usually willing to take part and this photo was one where I wanted to experiment with redscale film and a person’s style. A friend and Rach kindly dressed up in several outfits they love. I love to dress up; its fun to see what people love to wear. Everyone has their own style and I really enjoy photographing them. We felt like we were little children – dressing up in clothes we had not worn for ages combining bright, polka dot, or striped clothing together. There is so much inspiration from random activities; I would recommend trying anything to gain inspiration for photos. Anyways, we were in the back yard and I was not intending to shot this, but she turned quickly and I clicked the shutter and tada!

Although there may not be an interesting story behind it, I love how it captures her glancing over to something unknown. Something we don’t know, but it intrigues the viewer. Rach’s pensive face and distinct vintage hat, almost twenties, gives this allusion of something old, different, and I love it. Its simple and I’m grateful for having such a photographic sister! Being a twin, its useful when you’re a lomographer!

written by ali55 on 2011-02-10 #lifestyle #portrait #redscale #photo-project #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #twin-sister


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    I understand you! I have a sister too!! ^_^ soo cool!!!!

  2. michela84
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