Hurry! Take your LC-A+ Out Before Your Memories Disappear!


My LC-A+ helps me preserve every precious moment. At the very instance when I press the shutter button, the moment is captured. I can relive these moments by just looking at my photographs.

Someday, my kids will grow up and their childhood will fade away. The old will be replaced by the new; people will move to greener pasteurs while the houses left behind are tested by natural elements until they finally crumble.

That’s why I always put my LC-A+ in my pocket. No matter where, or when, my LC-A+ at hand can help me document anything I wish — especially those that face the elimination of time. It’s not that the things of the past are not as good as the new, but the pace of modern life is too fast, so fast that we are unable to keep everything in place. And when we realize our loss, it’s often too late.

Time and tide wait for no man. Hurry! As for me, before the world fades before my eyes, I take out my LC-A+ to hold my memories close.

written by hwangcharngan on 2011-06-25 #lifestyle #lomography #lc-a #news
translated by awesomesther


  1. nural
    nural ·

    I love the shots!

  2. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Fascinating shots! Kudos!

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