LomoPeople: Alehopgm

I would like to introduce you to alehopgm, a Spanish lomograph in London, who loves making snow angels, taking photos in the beach and surprising his girlfriends and his friends with its fisheyes’ flash… His Lomohome is priceless!

photo de toyam

How, when and where did you know about Lomography for first time?
Somebody told me about a workshop or a party in Madrid…, but I thought that it was too expensive, so I didn’t go. However, my best friend went there and when he showed me his photos, I freaked out! He told me the story about Lomography and I was surfing the Internet. After that I went to the shop in Madrid and I got a Fisheye2. That was three years ago and I’ve become an addict! Although I still haven’t gone to any workshop, maybe in London…

One of his first photos

In your Lomohome you say you like playing with toy cameras… What’s your favourite game?
My favourite game is approaching somebody with my Fisheye and my colour splash flash… ¡I love their faces! But what I really enjoy is taking my cameras and going out only to take photos for fun, I’ve never done it with any digital camera.


If you had an endless film, which one would it be?

If I had an endless film, it would change every time I press the shutter… Let’s start with a Redscale, later Black and White, now some blue photos, 800 ASA for this party and 100 for this sunny landscape! Can I ask for something else? I want photos with a baked film and some with a film that has been suffering in a dishwasher … Why not?!
Wait a moment, if it is endless… When do I develop it?I want a new one!

In Spain, you used to be a copywriter. Can you tell us a story using photos?
As I am a little bit lazy I sent you to lomowall

A Diana or a Fisheye?
Only one? Can I get a Diana with some Fisheye Lens? I don’t know… my first camera was a Fisheye No. 2 and we are close friends… but you can play more with Diana and its accessories, so I guess Diana + Deluxe Kit… if you can afford it.

Photo from toyam

What is your favourite photo?
If I were an artist, I would tell you I love all of them like they were my kids… but I would be lying, I have such terrible bad shots! However I am proud of this one that I took in NY, because I got what I was trying and that doesn’t happen often…, my best shots are the ones I took accidentally and the worst one are when I am trying something, except with this one.

alehopgm en NY

Your next camera will be…
I am saving piggies, dreaming with a LC-A+… but maybe I will get a Sprocket Rocket or a Spinner 360. I am also waiting for a Lomo Smena 8M, that I bought in eBay, the LC-A for the poor ones…

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