Orwocolor NC 19: Back to the Future


This film expired in 1989, 22 years ago and it is not really suitable for processing in C-41. Not really but…I loaded one of the rolls I have in my Holga, put a macro-lens (60mm) on it and attached the ringflash.

This is a color negative film with 64 ISO and I expected that the sensibility of the film changed dramatically over the years (or not)…that made me a bit unsure about the right exposure. We on all it be overexposed cause of the short distance and the ringflash, will it be underexposed cause its so old. Will I be able to develop it at all cause the film should be developed in special Orwo Chemicals that aren’t available any more. So this is gonna be some kind of x-pro, or?

But isn’t an experiment likes this exactly what we all love!! Expect the unexpected I said to myself and prepared my kitchen for developing. The chemicals I used shouldn’t have been used any more…. I didn’t care. I put another film into the tank (just if I fail on developing the Orwo) so I could see how the chemicals react to “normal film”.

As developing was done I removed the spools from the tank and saw that there was a clear layer coming of the Orwo. I completely removed it rascally and laughed out loud……and continued the process with stabilizing, drying, scanning.

I love the results!

written by pulex on 2011-03-19 #gear #film #expired #review #macro-lens #60mm #lomography #ringflash #holga #64iso #orwo #user-review #orwocolor-nc19


  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    looks great!

  2. davidpowell
    davidpowell ·

    Love the pics, especially the rose- beautiful!

  3. glenn
    glenn ·


  4. kirstenleif
    kirstenleif ·

    Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank "2008 NC Form 19, [8/1/08]" to fill out?

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