Keeping Spinning Around


Put your hand on the ring, pull the cord and watch the Spinner magic unfold before your eyes!

This camera, simply put, is the most fun you’ll ever have taking pictures. It’s so fun that it’s entertaining even without film in it! Just watching the camera spin and spin as you pull the cord will have everyone around you talking.

It has a shutter speed relative to the strength with which you pull the cord, but it usually varies between 1/125s and 1/250s, but also has for manual spinning for low light situations. There’s 2 aperture possibilities from f/8 to f/16 like the sunny and cloudy settings most lomo cameras have. The only thing that hurts with this camera is that you only get 9 pictures out of a 36 exposure roll. But I mean, who’s gonna mind that when you get such marvelous and innovative results?

The Lomography Spinner 360 is my favorite camera to attract my friends into the world of Lomograhy as I’m always sure that they’ll be impressed with it’s mechanism and then they’ll see the amazing results and be shocked. There are many fun ways of taking photos with this camera: you being in the picture, taking the photo over your head to only capture the landscape, with a circle of friends, between your legs, upside down, vertical, spinning with the camera at the same time… the possibilities are endless.

And as if that wasn’t enough, with a little bit of photoshop magic, you can get results like this:

Now tell me, who’s not gonna want this camera?

written by reneg88 on 2011-03-18 #gear #review #panoramic #sprockets #lomo #lomography #360 #film-camera #spinner #reneg88 #spinner-360 #user-review #vuelta

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