A Walk Around in the Historical City of Malacca


I went on a short trip to Malacca with my loved ones and spent two nights there. The city of Malacca also known as Bandar Hilir by the locals is located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing the straits of Malacca, about 147 kilometers, it is a 2-hours drive from the KL city centre.

The best way to view the historic city is to walk around by foot in Bandar Hilir, at the same time, you can also start looking for interesting subjects to photograph.

We started off at the A’Famosa (Porta De Santiago); went up the hill and came down to the Stadhuys Dutch Square, Christ Church where you can see a lot of stalls selling handicrafts. As you walk further, you can also see some red buildings, which are the most eye-catching buildings in the city. These are from a mixture of the Peranakan (Chinese), Dutch, British, and Portuguese influences.

During the nighttime on weekends, you can visit The Jonker Walk. It’s a street market where you can find a variety of local hawker food stalls, antiques, and all sorts of things to buy.

Let’s lomograph and immerse ourselves in the cultural and historical heritage that can be found in the city of Malacca.

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    I love the first shot!

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    Thank you ! : )

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