Muji disposable camera


My Boss give me an expired Muji disposable cam. I kinda excited and wondering what will come out from this expired disposable camera.

From the internet, I found that inside the camera is just using regular Fuji 400 film, so it doesn’t do very well without bright sunlight; photos will be underexposed. The flash shots are decent but the subjects must be close enough.

At the same time, that time I went back to east coast of Malaysia, Kuantan, so manage to try out few outdoor shots.

And is a disposable camera, so there’s no need to worry if I break the camera when, so I decided to ride my fixie and shoot around my shop area.

I though I might be able to reload the camera with others films, but I can’t figure out how to take out the back panel, it seems to be “welded” at the top by two small parts.

Actually this Muji Disposable Camera is still kinda fascinating, it really makes me miss this Disposable Camera that they are not going to manufacture anymore, too bad…

written by edmund_li on 2011-03-16 #gear #review #lomography #disposable-camera #fuji-400 #film-camera #muji #user-review


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