Shimokitazawa Train Station, Tokyo: Away from the Frenzy


Tokyo is known for its hip, cool, new-age fashion and culture but take a journey into a suburban town just west of Shibuya to see where old meets new in a town molded by narrow and winding streets. The streets are lined by restaurants, bars, and clubs where aspiring musicians take the stage. Here in Shimokitazawa, hard work and endurance are not only seen in the lifestyle and the architecture but it can also be felt in the air.

The moment you step out of the train station you know you have been somehow transported into a different era in Tokyo. An era where the people are not conformed to materialistic things and are more carefree, living at their own pace. I visited the town on New Year’s Eve, so it was much quieter than usual, but shooting empty bars and train station platforms gave the town an eerie ambiance, which worked well with the choice of film I had in my camera.

I didn’t go far and concentrated on shooting at the train station where the built and look of it convinced me that it was the oldest station in Tokyo but after some research I found out that the Harajuku Station was indeed the oldest in Tokyo. Two lines go through this town and this gives you more freedom to wonder from one platform to the other, both offering different kinds of scenes to capture. After you’re done on the platform, then you can venture outside. But trust me, just spending an hour or two on the platform can be very rewarding, even for those who fancy some candid shots of people waiting to get to their next destination or of those who just arrived to this rustic and homely town.

This was my first roll of the Fujichrome Sensia III ISO 100 and I love the deep tones and contrast it gives me when photos are captured under low-light. One of my favorite color slide films to date! It is a little bit pricey but if you have your mind set on capturing the “life essence” that comes with your subjects, this is the film to choose!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    woow awesome shots :D

  2. nikimales
    nikimales ·

    indeed, cool pictures... i really digs it...

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