The Last and Funniest Running Race of the Year in Madrid.


I’m not what you’ll call a sporty lady, so I asked two top cheerleaders to came with me to the race to cheer on the runners while I did some photos.

Here’s a nice way to get ready for the New Year’s Eve festivities. How about a 10Km running race on December 31st through the streets of the Spanish capital, Madrid: San Silvestre Vallecana Running Race

Here’s my mother and my aunt ready for the race:

We saw a few boring runners:

But when I say it is a funny race, I mean it! Look at these runners, they are the spirit of the race:

We saw superheroes:

And other amazing creatures running and running and running….

So, now you know a great way to spend New Year’s Eve. You can run 10k. in one hour, like my brother did (I gave him a special medal made by me :D):

Or have fun encouraging the runners:


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  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    ((( the photo of the stairs is not from here... hehe... )))

  2. horaciorv
    horaciorv ·

    run lomo run !

  3. cripeka
    cripeka ·

    Susie, I was also there! the funniest race ever! congrats to your brother. 30000 people running with lots of humour before having the silverster dinner!

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