Handmade Hybrid Processing (HPro)


‘Ho nooo, I finished my C41 Bleach… Wait a minute… I have tons of E6 Bleach…’ Thus, a new types of color processing are born! Get to know all of them right here, right now!

The 3 Types of Hybrid Processing
How? By replacing sequentially one of the usual C41 steps by an E6 step.

Before starting the experiment I compared the composition of C41 and E6 chemistries and noticed some similarities. I however have no idea what I’m talking about, since I’m not a chemist. But still, the Bleach and Fixer look pretty much the same, no? Anyway, I always wanted to try this. And there was no one to stop me.

Hybrid process N°1 – HPro1

Recipe: Replace the C41 Bleach by E6 Bleach

Appearance: Stronger saturation than usual XPro. Results vary according to the emulsion: Velvia 100 and 100f have a purple/red tone, Velvia 50 and Provia 100 are green/turquoise, Kodak EPP100 shows the usual green/yellow tone. The negative emulsion tested (Ferrania Solaris FG+100) turned out nice, looking like a cross-processed slide.


Holga 120 GN + Holga Splitzer / Fuji Velvia 100f:

Holga WPC / Fuji Velvia 100:

Yashica-C / Fuji Velvia 50:

Holga 120 GN / Fuji Provia 100f:

Rolleimatic / Kodak EPP100:

Rolleimatic / Kodak EPX64:

Rolleimatic / Ferrania Solaris FG+100:

Hybrid process N°2 – HPro2

Recipe: Replace the C41 Bleach and Fixer by E6 Bleach and Fixer

Appearance: Velvia 100 and 100f have again a purple/red tone; contrast and saturation are ridiculously intense. Agfa RSX50 has a deep blue tone and clear whites. Again, the negative emulsion looks like a cross-processed slide, but even better than the Ferrania… This could be due to the emulsion though (Kodak Portra 160NC).


Rolleimatic / Fuji Velvia 100f:

Horizon Perfekt / Fuji Velvia 100f:

Holga WPC / Fuji Velvia 100:

Holga WPC / Agfa RSX 50:

Holga 120 GN / Kodak Portra 160NC:

Hybrid process N°3 – HPro3

Recipe: Only E6 Chemistries, but without the Reversal bath and Pre-Bleach steps.

Appearance: A big surprise. I was expecting to obtain negative films (because of the absence of Reversal Bath), but they turned out as slides of a very dense (and long to scan) green. The negative film drove me nuts, both scanned as negative or positive and reminded me of a previous experiment involving Fuji Reala and expired Reversal Bath.


Rolleimatic / Kodak E100GX:

Holga 120 GN + Holga Macro Focusing Frame / Kodak EPP100:

Holga WPC / Fuji Provia 100f:

Holga WPC / Kodak EPX64:

Holga WPC / Kodak Portra 160NC (scanned as positive):

Holga WPC / Kodak Portra 160NC (scanned as negative):


As with any cross-processed film, scanning was sometimes tricky, with great variations depending on the scanning area and the resulting scanner’s reactions.

And last but not least these were my first trials with my new Rolleimatic, sold for a very VERY friendly price by mon ami Vicuna. Encore merci, je l’adore!

So, for those enjoying homemade XPro, just try the E6 Bleach replacement (HPro1). You won’t regret it!

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    Thank you so much everyone ! If I had time I would process all of your films !!! And thanks again @vicuna for the rolleiBEAUTYmatic : ))) Thanks to all of you my friends ! You are so nice...

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    @phil2k90 : I had different results with reversed x-pro, but I think this particular result is due to the absence of reversal bath... Anyway, keep me informed of your results : )
    @azurblue : Merci ma chère, et tu as raison il faut oser, parce que c'est vraiment plus simple que certains le disent... Mais merci ça fait toujours plaisir d'avoir d'aussi élogieux commentaires venant de toi... : )
    @wil6ka : Danke Herr Willie !
    @anarchy : Ahaha that's a bit much 8D...
    @all : Your comments are such a great reward for my efforts ! Thank you so much, coming from great lomographers like all of you it's really an honour !

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    @ck_berlin WOOOOO !!! Thank you so much I feel so proud you've tested it ! Surprisingly different results, fascinating! It probably has to do with our scanning methods... Or quantum mechanics : )

  51. ck_berlin
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    I have to thank you for this great article and the time, energy and money you spend for it.

    My Setup was the following: Jobo CPE2 processor , Digibase C41 chemestry (www.macodirect.de/digibase-maxi-super-literbrfor-films-4002…) and expired E6 bleach/fix from Tetenal.
    5 min prewash (warm water)
    3:15 min C41 developer
    1 min selfmade stopbath (8 gramm citric acid / 500 ml water)
    6 min E6 bleach
    4 min E6 fix (These times I've taken from the Tetenal manual)
    washing (warm water / Ilford method)
    1:20 min E6 Stabilizer
    My scanning setup I posted in a comment here: www.lomography.de/magazine/tipster/2012/08/01/back-to-basic…
    Hope It helps.

  52. stouf
    stouf ·

    @ck_berlin Fantastic! Thanks for all these details. It's really interesting to document how processing and scanning are affecting results. I'm particularly curious about your prewash. I Do it only for B&W films... How's the water coming out of the tank ? Clear? Pink? Yellow? I'm intrigued... : )

  53. ck_berlin
    ck_berlin ·

    Every slide film makes other "watercolors". There are purple, pink, yellow, green, orange or red colors possible and also mixed tones if you mix different films. C41 films has always clear water. I think the prewash helps to extend the lifetime of the developer. With 500ml Tetenal developer I develope approx 15 films. Tetenal recommends the prewash in the manual. In any case, it is not harmful.

  54. stouf
    stouf ·

    @ck_berlin Mmm I see. I never re-use my developer, only my bleach. I usually re-use E6 bleach that has been used in E6 process, to do HPro... Ho, and I do rotary process, with less chemistry than inversion process...

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    @mikahsupageek Merci cher ami, je suis vraiment touché! Et tiens moi au courant ! @ck_berlin I know every time you upload HPro2 shots I get likes on this article... Thank you so much for being such a honorable ambassador of this post : )

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    @analogdisplay : ) ...And it feels like doing magic, but it's as easy as cooking : ) Thanks though...

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    @aguillem You did great with C41, You will also with any other process I believe! : )

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