Love, Adventure and Expansion! My Analogue Year in Review 2010


I’ve realized that 2010 so far has been the most significant year in my analogue life — and three words that best describes my 2010 analogue life are Love, Adventure and Expansion!

Love and Adventure

I used to think that even though there are quite a number of lomographers here in the Philippines, we were all divided and were doing our own little thing with our own little cliques! Lomomanila, the online community that brought together most lomographers suddenly disappeared – cutting me off from the rest of the group! At first, it seemed impossible for me to create new friends so I would usually just shoot on my own (or sometimes I dragged my boyfriend along because he had no choice :)

Last 2010 however, everything changed and has it has been full ANALOGUE LOVE, LOVE and LOVE ever since!

Early in the year, I joined an online project called Whilst We Wait where I was able to meet wonderful people such as basterda and icuresick. It became an opportunity for me to get to know other Filipino lomographers and join actual lomowalks where anything-goes! I also got to meet a lot of the other Filipino lomographers such as lakandula, icuresick and boredbone through various events.

Various lomowalks and lomoruns!

Not only limited within Philippine borders, last year I had an awesome opportunity to meet and shoot with world-renowned lomographers. Going to USA will never be the same anymore because of ceduxi0n and satomi! From California to Las Vegas we always brought our guns and ammunition wherever we went until our feet got tired and we fell asleep as soon as we plopped down on our beds!!

Adventures with ceduxi0n and satomi

Expansion and Adventure

2010 started out as normal year – I could foresee my analogue life to grow gradually and predictably — I was so wrong however, because now that I look at it, there never any gradual slope! To be technical about things, let me put in a bit of statistics in my review:

In 2010, I bought 170% more cameras than I did in 2009. I’ve tried 400% more varieties of film, and I’ve shot 300% more rolls than 2009 & 2008 combined.

I bought 12 new cameras this 2010.

I’ve also seen adventure in my tastes in film and in cameras. At first I fully enjoyed toy plastic cameras, until I realized I really wanted to learn more about manual photography so I started acquiring rangefinders and SLRs. I’ve also started to explore more serious medium format cameras by trying out TLRs and folder cameras. With films, at first I only stuck to slide films but now I hoard quite a number of DIY redscales, color negatives and black & white films! It was also the year when I first started doing self-portraits, doubles, film swaps and lightpaintings! (I guess the only thing that hasn’t been expanding is my bank account.)

Expansion of Lomography in the Philippines

As a film and film camera seller, business has also expanded in the same exponential manner! The most important fact that I would like to point out is that by mid-2010, 50% of my current customer base is NEW to lomography and have only just begun their journey into the whole new wonderful world of analogue photography! This means that we (and are doing an aweeeesome job spreading the analogue love!

Selling films & cameras during a bazaar in CubaoX

Another important occurrence in 2010 that must be noted is the Fuji Instax Fever! With the help of the Kpop sensation Super Junior and the controversial Lady Gaga (who is now a Polaroid Creative Director), instant photography has been reborn! Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Cameras became so popular worldwide that for some time, it was quite difficult to get your hands on these cameras since they were always out of stock! Now with credit-card sized film, Polaroid also came out with a new line of instant cameras to replace the old square picture format.

Looking back, 2010 has been an awesome year for me and analogue photography. With new locations, new friends, new cameras, new films and new goals — I can’t wait for 2011 to knock my socks off!!! Being blown away by how unpredictable (and in an amazing way) 2010 has been for me, I humbly admit I have no idea how this year will look like — And that’s probably the best possible way it can be.

This article was first published by Kara Hizon in her blog

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