Analogue in Media: Real Living Magazine (Jan-Feb 2011)


Real Living, one of the Philippine’s bestselling home magazine, has just released their first issue for the New Year featuring various articles on photography and lomography!

Since photographs are one of the best ways to decorate your home, this magazine’s issue offers tips on taking the perfect photo, and ways to edit, store and display pictures. It also has instructions for creating your very own D.I.Y frame!

In this issue, tallgrrlrocks co-wrote a guide on where to buy analogue cameras, camera accessories and photographic film in Metro Manila.

The first stop is in Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila – a very popular locations for both hobbyist and professional photographers! Hidalgo offers one of the most complete gadgets and the cheapest prices available. As a lomographer, going to Hidalgo (despite the heavy traffic and the risk of being pick-pocketed), it really feels like being a kid in a candy shop — Indeed, it is “the treasure trove and a literal rite of passage for many budding photographers.”

The Manila Remix and Heima are featured in the next pages. They are stores which showcase select lomographic cameras such as the Diana F+ and its clones. Since there is still no Lomography Gallery Store here in the Philippines (ehem), you can still get that gallery-store feeling with their display of cameras, and their very inspiring lomowalls!

In the last section of the guide, tallgrrlrocks wrote a short segment “Fun with Film Cameras” which urges people who are interested to take a break from the digital photo world to “rediscover the old-fashioned way of taking photos—megapixels and memory cards not involved!” She mentions where else to get cameras and films for the Filipino market including the online websites: Lomography Asia and Lomoloco Shop

It’s simple articles like this that really make a difference in starting or rediscovering a passion for lomography. Sometimes, all you have to do is to introduce an idea to someone and point them in the right direction and the rest just becomes history! (Just like what happened to me! hehe :)

Real Living Magazine Grab this issue in any local (Philippine) Bookstore until February!

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    :) there should be Lomo Gallery Store in Manila! :)

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