The Hipshot bag, an Indispensable Accesory for the Lomographer on the Move.


It looks cool in the picture on the Lomography store website, but in reality it is a crucial piece of gear for the quickdraw Lomo L-CA technician.

After you open this baby up, and see all of it’s perforated thermalastic elastamer (TPE) goodness, you will be excited. It will take a little while to get a feel for how to actually place it around your waist in an efficient manner, so that you can comfortably rock it around town (don’t get discouraged, if you need to, walk away for a few minutes and try again). Inevitably, you will get any number of bizarre questions about your new shiny fanny pack ancestor, choose to either elaborate on all of its wonder or shun the questioner depending on who, what, why they are asking.

More importantly, the Hipshot Bag is functional. You have a side compartment for a wide-angle lens and viewfinder, splitzer, and a little pouch inside to put a little cash in case of an emergency. Add to that the shotgun style film roll holder on your belt loop which fits 3 rolls, and you have yourself a revolutionary hands free kit for analogue wandering. Personally, the best part for me was being able to remove the camera, shoot it, and place it back in the bag with one hand, while riding my bike of course. The only downside to the white color, is that if you wear it as often as I do it will look like a dirty brown weathered mess after a while. I like him that way, reminds me of our adventures together…

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  1. orteke
    orteke ·

    can you explain how you place it around de waist?
    i have been trying but i haven t been habel to place it nicely.

  2. romson
    romson ·

    Same question: but how? Belt is both too narrow and too long.

  3. romson
    romson ·

    OK, I think I've got it. Illustrated instructions are here would be very helpful.

  4. mojitomod11
    mojitomod11 ·

    please help me...i have one and...i don´t have any clue how to place it my waist...:-(

  5. sorrilha
    sorrilha ·

    I just can't understand how..HOW am I supposed to use it arround my waist!!!! They should put some pictures...

  6. sorrilha
    sorrilha ·

    Jeeeezzz..I got it, it's quite simple, but some images would help. @romson, @mojitomod11 if you still having problems search google for Lomography hipshot bag images. There are a tiny image with really bad resolution but it worked for me. The thing is that the strap has a velcro so you can remove it and reconfigure it.

  7. titidvivant
    titidvivant ·

    Hold it with your right hand with the extension part going around the back, and hold the long strap in your left hand. Behind your back, bring the strap with the velcro through the buckle on the right hand side of the bag, inside edge first, and wrap clockwise to the left buckle at the bag end, place it inside of buckle edge first. Thread the strap through that buckle (inside edge first) and wrap it back counterclockwise behind your back again, through the extension side buckle, and back to your left clockwise. Then you can place the velcro around the buckle and attach it to itself. Good luck! Lomography should make a youtube video!!! :-)

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