Lomography B&W 100iso 120

After years at art school using Ilford films and processing myself in the darkroom it was to my elation that I could finally try a different kind of black and white film when I found a local lab that would develop it for me. I was even happier with the results

A 120 film is asking three things that are ‘unusual’ to the general photography world at the moment, the first of course that it is film, but we all know and love that. The second it seeing life in a square. 6×6cm of bliss rather than the 35mm film or aps sized sensors that we have grown accustomed to. The third is to de-saturate, strip away the color and see the world as tones and contrasts.

The Lomography B&W 100 120 film does a great job both tonally and with the contrasts. I like my whites white and my blacks black but this film also got me loving what was in the middle of the tonal range.

With only having tried out the 100 ISO film there wasn’t too much grain in most of the photos which was nice, especially if you are wanting to make enlarged prints. It would be beautiful for portraits which is what I am planning for my third roll. I also liked the sharpness of the film which I’m sure would be amplified if you were using a lens of glass rather than the Holga’s plastic fantastic lens that I was using, giving me the wonderful vignetting.

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