Lomography X-pro Slide 200 (35mm, ISO 200)

Lomography X-pro Slide 200 is a mysterious film, you can’t guess its exact color shift but it has its own charms.

This is my first Lomography Slide film, I bought one box during the film sale at Sheung Wan’s Lomography Gallery Store. I loaded them in my Voigtlander VITO CLR and Lomography Fisheye 1, and shot them in Shanghai with good results. I was initially worried that the low ISO is insufficient for a sunny camera like Fisheye 1 but my worries proved to be unfounded when the photos are developed.

The color shifts when cross processed is hard to predict, it can be yellow, reddish, or greenish. Despite all these, the resulting photos are still charming. With Fisheye cameras, the photos are mainly yellowish. With VITO CLR, there are different color shifts.

Actually we shouldn’t care too much about the color shifts, its always a pleasant surprise when we get unexpected color shifts!

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