Lomography CN 400 (120) - and other ISO 400 negatives


There are very few 120 films in the market, and it is even rarer to find them in ISO 400. Besides my favourite Lomography 400, there are Kodak Portra 400VC and Fuji Pro400H, let’s check them out!

The most important part of a photo is it’s subject, I just want to know the best conditions to use each type of film. I am not a film emulsion expert, just a normal Lomographer, as long as the photos are nice I am fine. This review is for reference purposes only so don’t take it too seriously.

If you want to shoot during day, night, sunny, cloudy conditions using Lubitel 166+, ISO 400 is a good choice. My friend commented that Lomography 400 is nice, so I gave it a go. I feel that the colors are very vibrant. Under sunny days, all colors are very striking. Athough the decorative pieces under the temple’s roof are in the shade, one can see them clearly. Even under cloudy conditions, the colors are only slightly subdued. There are some light purple tones, but it could just be my imagination…haha!

I had some mishaps the first few times I used Lomography 400, the film roll came loose when I was unloading the film. This was how the light leaks came about.

Sunny Day
Cloudy Day / Indoors

Does Kodak Portra 400VC’s Vivid Colour mean it produces more vibrant colors than normal color negatives? After trying, the colors are really vivid! Under sunny conditions, the colors are very vibrant, skies appear more blueish, Under cloudy conditions, the colors are not diminished, the little girl in red coat still looks refreshing! (Of course, the cute smile is the main attraction!)

Sunny Day
Cloudy Day

Fuji Pro400H produces more neutral colors which are close to the original color tones. Regardless of weather conditions, what you se is what you get, that’s why photos shot duirng cloudy days show grey skies. I will try to overexpose the film next time and see if there are any diferences.

Sunny Day
Cloudy Day

In conclusion, I like Lomography 400 and Kodak Portra 400VC, the latter have finer grains, but I also like the vintage feel of the former’s coarse grains. Pro400H is best used under sunny conditions. 400VC will be discontinued soon, replaced by Portra 400, all Lomographers have to act fast if they want to try it.

written by singleelderly on 2011-02-18 #gear #film #review #lomography #kodak-portra-400vc #film-photography #lomography-cn-400 #fuji-pro400h
translated by coolsigg

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