Winter Wonderland


While most people endured the blistering cold last winter season, I opted to take a trip to Mexico to escape the awful cold and have a nice, sunny holiday, exploring. This is a series of photos taken in Oaxaca, Mexico during December 2010.

On one of our many tours around Oaxaca, we went to a place that I would like to call paradise. Located about an hour from the coastal city of Huatulco (where the sun rises and sets on the ocean), are the magical waterfalls of Copalita. The water was very clear, foliage very green, and the sound of the forest was extremely relaxing. I did NOT want to leave!

On another tour, we went on a canoe ride through a marsh right off Ventanilla Beach, also close to Huatulco city. During this tour, we were able to pass through the natural habitat of crocodiles, unique birds, and beautiful mangrove trees, in addition to the many palm trees growing out of the water. It was unlike anything that I have ever seen. Here, I learned what mistake not to make while using a Horizon Kompakt – don’t use the slow shutter setting while on a moving boat!

Hierve el Agua (Spanish for ‘The Water Boils’) is located in the municipality of San Lorenzo Albarradas. It is about two hours east of Oaxaca City, and it is also the site of natural rock formations that resemble waterfalls. These formations were created by fresh water springs, and are surrounded by a beautiful valley and mountains.

Close by, is the town of Teotitlan del Valle. We went on a Sunday because this place is known to host an immense flea market, which is visited by many indigenous people. While walking through the market (which seemed to be endless), I saw this church, which I just had to capture with my Horizon camera. I couldn’t help but notice how the sky looked behind (or above) this architecture.

Near the end of the trip, we were able to visit the Zapotec Ruins of Monte Alban. I am not an expert on its history, but I can tell you that it is a truly remarkable place to visit. It consists of many pyramid-like structures, including tombs and a ball court. The Building of the Dancers features a row of stone slab carvings, which illustrate distorted bodies (as a result of a genetic disease).

My last day of the trip was dedicated to shopping, and we went to the Oaxaca City Market. Among all the artwork, fruits, vegetables, herbs, clothes and shoes, is a row of meat vendors. It’s not very appetizing to see the meat hanging all over the place, but I thought that it would make for a great shot. Pig heads, anyone?

P.S. The south of Mexico is a GREAT place to visit if you want to escape the winter cold of the U.S.

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