Come to Russia and Visit the Sites of Ancient Man!


I’m not a very active traveler nor an archaeologist or even a geologist (I still have not grown a beard so I will freeze in the expedition) but I love nature – the mountains, and fresh air. I was never interested in archeology before but if you’re into such things then no problem! Just come to Russia and visit some sites related to ancient man located not far from Krasnodar in the village of Il’sky.

The village is situated on the River Isle at its exit from the mountain forest zone. Il’sky Village was founded in 1863, its name was derived from the Ile River in Adyghe which means, “a brilliant, brilliant.” Local tribes dubbed the river as such due to its rainbow-like circles which appear periodically. The uniqueness of the river basin is due to the oil reservoirs. Oil lies so close to the surface, which often falls into the river. For such a settlement, Il’sky is quite prone to disasters such as river fires. Forty-seven kilometers from the mighty ridge Derby, Ile then falls to the “man-made lake”, Kryukovsky reservoir.

Now here is the object of international significance, as the oldest in Europe, prehistoric man resided on the left bank of the river isle, on the southern outskirts of the village. Excavations were done around the late 19th to mid 20th century. During the excavation, bones of 15 species of animals: mammoth, bison, deer, bears, horses, donkeys, hyenas, and other remains were found. Scientists have also unearthed traces of round houses with hearths, made of stone, and hundreds of stone products: spear points, drills, scrapers, chisels and awls of bone bull, etc. Later on, upon exploring the oldest housing in the form of semi-dugouts with rafters, the ribs and mammoth tusks which overlaps with the skins of animals were also found. The oldest village in our country Il’sky, dates back to Mousterian Palaeolithic – the most recent era of the ancient Paleolithic period, from 100 to 30 thousand years BC. Residents of this era were the Neanderthals.

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    I am no archeologist or geologist either, but I love the article!

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