WildLife in London


The perfect outing for the penniless person, take your Lomo camera to one of London’s parks, most of these were taken across Hyde Park but Regents and St James are also good spots for wildlife catching – an ActionSampler would do well here too!

Head to Hyde Park for swans, ducks, and squirrels, you will soon make friends if you take some stale bread or nuts with you. A good location in the summer is the rose garden at the Hyde Park Corner tube exit, but it’s also great even during colder weather for some moody shots with the swans.

A good route to take from Hyde Park Corner is along the inside edge of the Serpentine, there is always so much going on along this stretch from roller skaters to deck chair sunbathers, you’ll be sure to snap something. Feed the ducks and swans; lure them towards you with bread in one hand and with your camera held above ready to fire when a brave one comes in for a peck!

Squirrels are slightly harder to capture and bolt at the sound of the shutter, but they approach readily when the word monkey nut is uttered. If you stick to the areas with trees and bushes you’ll be sure to find squirrels aplenty.

Other notable London wildlife mentions are the horses at Horse Guards not far from Downing street. Signs warn that horses may kick or bite – but it’s all worth it for the perfect photo right?

Further still if you aren’t keen on getting nipped for your lomographs, head to the Natural History Museum with a high ISO (generally no flash allowed) and get some of the dormant stuffed varieties!

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  1. bootnut
    bootnut ·

    Excellent squirrel and swan action shots!

  2. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    the squirrels are so cute!

  3. tommysweetheart
    tommysweetheart ·

    swan shot are sweet. much love!!

  4. tommysweetheart
    tommysweetheart ·

    swan shot are sweet. much love!!

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