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A look into a first timer’s trip to New York City featuring classic tourist destinations such as the Statue of Liberty, the Rockefeller Centre, and Coney Island. We spent a total of 7 days in this awesome city trying to immerse ourselves as much as we can with all the attractions, must-sees, must-tries, and what-have-you.

I went to New York with my boyfriend for Easter 2010 and we spent 7 days cramming in as much food, attractions, and photo taking as possible! So this is really a beginner’s guide to New York with the Fisheye 1 which is small and light so it fits in with long days/walks/sightseeing. I took loads of great photos just walking around New York City and stumbling across things that I liked.

The red scale film works well as it reflects the city heat and gives an edge to the usual tourist poses. I found my Fisheye worked best in the following places:

Statue of Liberty

A fantastic place to take the Fisheye, once of us would lay on the floor beneath the statue with the camera whilst the other one leaned over into the lens. Admittedly, we took quite a few of these shots as we were unsure if we had the angles right. As you can see the one of myself came out great. Sporting the essential foam crown helps to boost the cheesy tourist’s image. We were also lucky with the weather and the clear blue sky looks super blue with the Lomography 35mm ISO 800 400 used.

Coney Island

Head out here during the day for that abandoned theme park atmosphere, slightly creepy, full of colour, and completely lacking in population. The rides are locked up in cages and behind fences, no one is around and access is easy. Also, do stop by the Aquarium and see the great sea lion show. Get a front row seat with your Fisheye and at the end he’ll come right up for a kiss!

Top of the Rock

You’ve got to do either the Rockefeller or the Empire State. Either way, the Fisheye captures the city well. Play with the view finders; look up, look down you’ll be surprised with what happens. Check out my hair!

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