Šibenik, a Town Set in Stone


I dare you to go get a map of Europe and try find my hometown on it. Find Italy and its Adriatic coast. Now, go to the opposite coast and you will find the most beautiful region of Croatia – Dalmatia! Šibenik, my hometown, is situated right there! Welcome!

Since I fell in love with Lomography last October, I decided that my hometown deserves more than just an album on my Lomo page. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words but I prefer adding a few of my own also.

Šibenik is a little bit over 900 years old. Unlike some other Dalmatian towns which were founded as Roman or Greek colonies, Šibenik was founded by Croatian people. The original settlement was situated in and around the Fortress of Saint Michael and after that it spread along the sides of it.

Our most famous landmark is the Cathedral of Saint James. Since it took almost a hundred years and three different master builders to finish it, it was built in two different styles – Gothic and Renaissance styles. This is only one of the things that makes it beautiful. Even UNESCO also thinks it is!

Since the cathedral is situated in the old part of town, it can be reached only – and exclusively by foot. The streets are very narrow and all made out of stone. Be careful not to get lost in them because they all look alike and it can seem like you found yourself in some kind of a maze!

Other things that might be of interest to a visitor are the town hall (just opposite of the cathedral), our other three fortresses, the town museum (which used to be the palace of the Duke of Venice) and numerous churches.

Although Šibenik has many beauties, my favorite one is actually a natural beauty – the Adriatic Sea.
Just 5 minutes outside the city you can find numerous pebble or rocky beaches. There are many of them – from those that are more secluded to those that are overcrowded and full of lounge bars under pine trees. Take your pick!

From Šibenik you can also go and visit other Dalmatian towns and some of our 1,000 islands (not bad for a country of 4 million people, right?)

Hope this article made you a bit curious about Šibenik (or Dalmatia) and that maybe you will visit it someday. You should definitely try to come and visit it during the summer because this is when Šibenik really comes to life!

Do I have to mention how many awesome photos you can take with your Lomos?

As for me, I can’t wait for summer to come so I can put my Lomo cameras into even better use than I can now during winter!

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  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    Hey! I wento to Croatia on summer of 2009 and I felt in love with the country, but our (my boyfriend's and mine) favorite town was Sibenik!!! No doubt!!!! It's soooo beautiful. Amazing! We rented an aparment near the cathedral. Everything was perfect there. www.lomography.com/homes/susielomovitz/albums/1562355-croac… Thanks for sharing!

  2. marinam
    marinam ·

    Yeah, I remember you saying that you went there and that you liked it. I am glad Šibenik is your favorite Croatian town. I think it's soooooo beautiful too! Hope you come back some day and take more pictures! And thanks for the awesome comment!

  3. rodrigoalmeida
    rodrigoalmeida ·

    Šibenik and the article are outstanding. Love it!

  4. marinam
    marinam ·

    thanks, ljube!

  5. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    GReat article and beautiful town ... Great !!

  6. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Love it!! Was there for holidays 10 years ago, and had a great time visiting the adriatic coast. sibenik was one of my favorite places! :)

  7. marinam
    marinam ·

    @ jaalvarez - thanks!!!! :)
    @ vicuna - I'm glad you liked it! Hope you come and visit Šibenik and the Adriatic coast again! :))

  8. lomodirk
    lomodirk ·

    Hey, I`ve been there 10 years ago as well...It is really beautiful, so sad I wasn`t into photography that time...

  9. marinam
    marinam ·

    Now you have an excuse to go again ;) our sights are a perfect match for Lomo cameras ;)

  10. blowpufferfish
    blowpufferfish ·

    I went there in 2006. this great article reminds me of this beautiful city!! I can't forget that amazing sunset by the sea and the people there. I only took digital photos at that time, wish I could go back there again and take films this time!!

  11. marinam
    marinam ·

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked it so much!!! Then I really hope you get a chance to go there again in the company of your analogue cameras ;)

  12. nikimales
    nikimales ·

    i want to go there... seems like a beautiful place.. :)

  13. marinam
    marinam ·

    just stop by whenever you want ;)

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