Gorrilapod Slr - for Those Looooooooong Exposures


One of the must have accessories is a good sturdy tripod. Gorilla Pod SLR also adds FLEXIBILITY to that.

Every photography magazine or a blog you read, there will be a section about importance of a tripod. How essential it is & they go on & on & on.

I agree completely that tripod is a must for any half-decent photographer, though 95% of the times the tripod is so heavy, I leave it at home. As far As I know Ive always been looking for A good tripod. Ive had many tripods till date. Some big, some small, some cool mono-pods & some tiny ones for point & shoot. Well.. I know it doesn’t make me an expert in any way……. but still I’m overconfident enough to add my 2cents :D

So here goes.

Credits: pushkar

While roaming in one of the hugest possible electronic store. As usual drifted to the photography section. After ogling at the lenses I can’t afford & another (huge eyeroll :) latest DSLR later I moved to the accessory section & I see this caterpillar looking curious thing. It immediately caught my eye. All the places I could twist & use this weird looking flexible tripod, flashed though my eyes. I had to buy it. Since I have a couple of SLR cameras… I thought this GORILLA PODSLR version will be a once & for all fix for my tripod needs…. & boy I was right.

Its a great accessory to have… It bends exactly the way you want. You can twist & turn it in numerous possible ways… fit it around the railing or wrap it around your head (yes I’ve tried that) or take a loooooooong exposure with my Diana Mini while its wrapped on my car seat. It works every single time. Also If you love night photography as much as I do, you gotta have this thing.

This Flexible wonder can take my super-light Diana Mini & my Canon EOS A2e with huge wide angle lens with the same ease. Its pretty strong that way & takes the weight easily. I usually start with the fixed tripod position & work my way bending the legs as my composition needs it. The best part about this tripod is that its light weight unlike those massive professional tripods. Those heavy tripods, which lie at home on all my trips, I actually carry this everywhere & most importantly use it. When I’m traveling it’s attached to my backpack straps otherwise it live in my car. Ready to jump out at every opportunity.

It comes with one standard screw for all cameras & it has a different screw for slightly older cameras. I use it very rarely, when I use my Zorki4. Same company has a even more sturdier version of this same tripod. Its called Gorilla Pod SLR -Zoom. Might be worth a Try but i dint feel the need for it so far.

Credits: pushkar

Perfect accessory to go with this tripod is a cable release. Get your gorilla pod, fix your lomo camera on it Attach a cable release & youur set. all sorts of crazy long exposures or those F22 black & white shots crammed with detail are possible with this. Another accessory which you can get with this Gorilla pod is their tripod head. Looks useful, but honestly I haven’t tried.

As far As I know there are no disadvantages to this Tripod. I just wished it was a bit cheaper, but believe Its worth Every penny. I know lot of you must think Lomography is not about planning your shots, A tripod doesn’t really fit into this whole philosophy… But give it a try, it will be worth your time & money.

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  1. bootnut
    bootnut ·

    I have one, I think it's the slr version, I have used it with my Diana black jack instant camera and my Diana 35mm it's awesome very good tripod, even stays standing in high wind on car bonnet due to its rubber feet!

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