I shoot horizontally.

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This is the little story of how and why I came to get addicted the the LC-A. The way I use its magic.

After spending years trying to find myself taking pictures with various reflexes, I one day was introduced to the LOMO LC-A by a friend of a friend and quickly fell in love with it. I didn’t notice at first but I started taking pictures horizontally, almost always. I think that in the beginning it was because the thumbnails were always horizontal on this website, but I then realized that my vertical shots seemed weird, like they were all somehow missing the point. I wondered why, and I got the answer: it was simply because our eyes sit next to each other, not one above the other. Our field of view is horizontal, and I was actually bored of elaborating pictures and thinking of perspectives and trying different angles and focal lengths. There is beauty everywhere, sidewalks, doorbells, lamps, people, you know how long the list actually is. I would testify of the beauty around me. From then on I would shoot horizontally, what I see, the way I see it, often with the subject centered, as I stand in front of it.

One might think Why take pictures with a Lomo then, a camera with such vignetting and optical defects that alter the reality? Many use these defects in a creative and/or experimental way, for what they add, I’m part of those who mostly use them in their most simple way, for what they subtract, especially in the corners: the light, the sharpness, the « togetheriness » of the colour spectrum. That makes a centered subject stand out, its surroundings beeing progressively drowned into the dark. Your subject is in fact revealed twice: once by the developping process, once by the vignetting and other optical losses around it.

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