Lucky SHD in Squares!


The traditional black and white film Lucky SHD grains in a corresponding 100 iso, taking great sunny pictures and wonderful vintage look!

Perhaps one of the most creative way when it comes to film is when you shoot things in black and white. I think it’s really different when you shoot it via digital. I think it is because of the emulsion and the chemicals that passes through the film when it seeps in some light, making such great memories worth a treasure. And here comes Lucky SHD. It’s a great film that hails from China. It’s a traditional black and white film that cannot be processed in such labs. The Lucky SHD comes in with a 100 ISO. Suggesting that it’s not really great when it comes to indoors but I think everybody has to give it a try.

The Lucky SHD is a great film. It is widely reported as what I have read on the Internet that Lucky SHD films have no anti-halation layer. Meaning, when light passes through the film, it hits up the pressure plate and bounces back, giving the film a re-exposure of the picture. With this, the output comes in a reduced contrast with a foggy, glowing look in its highlights.

Taking photos with a square format in 120mm, this film looks albeit surreal. But to some, this film just doesn’t give the ideal black and white photography since it has no anti-halation layer. When there is a bad weather, there is such grain that comes inside the film, creating a grainy picture. Also, details tend not to show and highlights often blow out easily. Many have come to a conclusion that this film doesn’t come in as a 100 ISO but instead 50 ISO or worse, 25 ISO. Whatever it is, manage your shots and shoot under a bright sunny day, just like what I have said earlier. Indoor pictures won’t do, but there’s no harm in trying. Since I often love low contrasts because of that vintage feel, then I found this film great!

While the battle of this film is unending, all I have to say is that we guys appreciate whatever it comes into our pictures. Since perfection is just on the other side, taking photos with this film is great when you view that you want to have vintage pictures.

So my advice is to try using this film. I also suggest that you shoot this film under a great sunny day. Taking pictures with a traditional process black and white film, you’ll never know but its effect are so much of a vintage!

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  1. jarvislomo
    jarvislomo ·

    The cheapest film in local stores. I found it interesting too :-)

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