Instant Lomography - The Invention of Lomo LCA+ Instant Back


Since the recreation of Fuji instant cameras, this is perhaps the most greatest invention that Lomography has offered to everybody. The creation of Lomo LC-A+ Instant Back. Take pictures with your LC-A+ in an instant!

One of the greatest inventions created by Lomography was the LC-A Instant Back+. A great way to take pictures that comes out in an instant. Don’t fret, this big machine does carry in some awesome vignette effects! What a really great way to take pictures in your Fuji Instax Mini snapped by your Minitar 1 lens, right?

The LC-A Instant Back+ is interchangeable. In short, you can shoot forever with your instant pictures or if you wanted to switch back into 35mm film, then you can still use it. The LC-A Instant Back+ Kit contains some instructions on how to change the hinge of the back plate of the LC-A+ camera. Once it’s done (plus the use of screwdrivers, adhesive tapes and a little peel on the LC-A+’s leather), you can now interchange the Instant Back to use instant film or put it back and use a 35mm film.

Load it with a film pack of Instax Mini and you’re ready to go. The settings of the zone focusing can be found in the side of the Instant Back. Always remember to click the MX button before taking pictures. Now, for some good shots! The MX button in the LC-A+ is great for multiple exposures. Wondering if this little Instant Back can take double exposures? First, take a photo and then, the simple magic comes when you click the MX button. Shoot again. Press the button encircled with red color in the Instant Back so that the Instax film will be unloaded. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute and you have yourself a double exposure picture, all courtesy of your LC-A Instant Back+!

While most of us can do great wonders with our Lomo LC-A+, others who have the original Lomo LC-A will also enjoy this. Instead of the MX button, you should turn the winder just like moving into the next frame of the film. Don’t worry, it takes practice.

Always remember to attach the correction lens inside the camera. Without this, your Instax film will behave in a very high, 800 ISO. With the correction lens attached, it will harmoniously behave like it’s 200 ISO. When it’s dark or cloudy, set your ISO to 100. When there is very harsh lighting, set your ISO into 400. A normal, sunny day would give you a 200 ISO.

Snap pictures with your LC-A+ Instant Back! It takes fast, instant results plus, it gives the photo a distinctive, vignette look! I’m sure everybody enjoys this camera!

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  1. basho
    basho ·

    My favourite lomographic accesory!!!

  2. jaguarwomon
    jaguarwomon ·

    I really, horribly, monstrously want one of these...

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