Juice Box Camera


Don’t be fooled with what you see because this Juice box camera does not carry juice inside. Once you opened this camera, it contains film and takes great pictures!

In Lomography, everything can be just possible. Like this Juice box camera. It sure looks like a juice box, with the straw and everything, but in the middle, it has a lens covered in white plastic. It opens every time you press the shutter. The Juice box camera is definitely a great camera that you can take especially when you travel. It is made of plastic, even the lens. The camera has a great design it can often fool you that it’s like a juice box. Once it eats up a film, you should always remember to twist the straw clockwise or counter-clockwise so that the shutter can be locked. Great design, the shutter button is the straw itself. Once you clicked it, the white part covering the lens will open and shoot its way.

But you don’t have to worry because this camera is a point-and-shoot plastic camera. It has a film counter below, telling you how many shots you made this day. The viewfinder can be found in the upper-right corner when facing the camera. Great for outdoor and traveling, this camera takes sharp, 28mm pictures. If you are curious about the Juice box’s specifications, you should better check for its nutritional value turned into specs information. In it reads the specification of the Juice box camera. It has a 28mm lens, eats up 35mm film, has a shutter speed of a very fast 1/100 seconds, and has an aperture of f/9, fixed-focused.

Better than having bulky DSLR’s or anything, this camera is light-weight. So it’s a better way to bring this while making memories in your life. With my experience of this camera, it often slashes out some lightleaks. What I love about this one is that it takes wide pictures. So don’t worry with those group pictures. Once everybody fits inside the viewfinder, they’d be included in the photo after you have developed that roll of film. Just be careful with the straw; it locks the shutter so when you slip your Juice box camera inside your bag, it won’t take shots with some black pictures.

This camera is really fun to use. It also gives people a second look once you pop it out of your pocket and take a picture with them. They would definitely smile and check your silly Juice box camera. I’m also sure they’d definitely buy one.

written by ethermoon on 2011-04-06 #gear #35mm #review #toy-camera #plastic-camera #point-and-shoot #user-review #juice-box-camera


  1. hidings
    hidings ·

    wow, fantastic shots! :)

  2. baconandmegs
    baconandmegs ·

    I love these camera's! I have the milk box one and its great.

  3. bramasuncion
    bramasuncion ·

    ayos! ganda pala ng kuha nitong juice box.

  4. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Totally agree, these things are great!

  5. t-boy
    t-boy ·

    damn i need one of these. haha

  6. nigelk
    nigelk ·

    I have the juice box camera too!! Same light leaks :)

  7. esmee
    esmee ·

    I heard these break down quite easily, but your review makes me want to find out about it myself :)
    Lovely lightleaks!

  8. nicx
    nicx ·

    I want one, i need one!

  9. lovemypics
    lovemypics ·

    such a cute little camera I think I might want one !!

  10. holydarkyfied
    holydarkyfied ·

    There are some on evilBay and on four corners dark store...

  11. madc
    madc ·

    i have the 'super charge' milk box camera and i absolutely love it.!

  12. richidearthworm
    richidearthworm ·

    super cool would make a grate gift to get friends in to film cameras

  13. realmustache
    realmustache ·

    i just got my first roll of juicebox pictures back from the lab yesterday. super happy with the results

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