Dress your browser in lomography style!

Your webbrowser can do far more than conjuring up webpages to your screen. Read on to find out how you can give your Firefox a lomographic coat of paint.

Credits: fakingsleep

Mozilla’s much-loved Firefox has become almost indespensable in our daily struggle through the internet jungle due to its many useful (and not that useful) extensions. As of late, it is even easy on the eyes.

It has been a little more than a year that with the so-called Personas Mozilla introduced skins for their open source browser and enabled all users to adjust their Firefox’ graphic surface to their personal likings. By now there are several hundreds of thousands different verschiedene Personas — and the nice thing about open source: everyone can create their own.

Credits: fakingsleep

Some Lomo-Friends and camera-afficionados have already been busy in crafting lomographic fclothes for Firefox, which you can try on straightaway!

Credits: fakingsleep

Nothing fitting for you? Why not simply tailor something for yourself on your own and share with us?

written by fakingsleep on 2011-05-13 #lifestyle #design #lomography #skins #internet #themes #firefox #webbrowser
translated by fakingsleep

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