Retro and Amazing RA 100

This roll of Sensia is one of my favorite slide! I love its red, purple and even pink color shifts after cross processing!

If you use it under ample daylights, you can realize the full potential of the film’s colors. If you like red tones or exaggerated color shifts, this is the film for you! Of course, remember to find blue skies and nice subjects. Don’t think, just shoot! That’s the spirit of Lomography!

If you dare, you can shoot during those times I shared above. It can definitely make your photos splendid and unique! Next, you can challenge yourself by taking vintage shots. Even during cloudy days or when the sun is blocked by the clouds, this film can still produce nice color tones.

I heard that it is not easy to find Sensia 100 now, I hope this type of color tones can be retained forever. I hope you will like it too!

Have fun Lomographers! Keep Lomograph-ing forever!

written by silence0804 on 2011-02-17 #gear #film #slide #35mm #review #taiwan #sensia #100 #lomography #fuji #135 #cross-processing #e-to-c #ra #e2c #penghu #film-photography #user-review
translated by coolsigg


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