Lubitel 360° Roller Coaster

Free yourself from the rigidity and formality of the Lubitel 166+! Use it like a Spinner 360°! In this tipster I will show you how to create a vertical roller-coaster Spinner 360° shot with the Lubitel 166+. Let’s get it rolling!

Lubitel 360° Roller Coaster Technique by vita1104

You need to have these in order to try this trick:

  • Lubitel 166+
  • The Lubikin 35mm conversion kit included in the Lubitel 166+ package
  • One roll of 35mm film

My trial for this tipster created a vertical panoramic, and only took a few steps:

  • Install the Lubikin Kit to your Lubitel 166+, now you will be shooting with a roll of 35mm film, your shot will be vertical by default.
  • The start the first shot on the ground
  • Adjust the angle upward each time until you spin all the way 360° just like riding the roller coaster.
  • Stop when you shoot a spot near the starting point.
  • Remember to leave some space to overlap by not winding all the way and adjust the focus, aperture and shutter settings for different situations.
  • Just develop your film the same as for spinner 360°

There you go! You can even take this tip further and shoot with a roll of 120 film to get an even crisper image quality!

written by vita1104 on 2011-01-19 #gear #tutorials #tipster #sprocket #quickie-tipster

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