LC-A : Must... Stop... Shooting!

Whoops… I can’t! Holy crap I love this camera. I know you hear it all the time. Everyone loves the LC-A. I didn’t buy into what I thought was just hype at first, either. I heard ‘LC-A this’ and ‘LC-A that’ and never really understood why I shouldn’t just photoshop a digital picture. Then I bought one. It was like a revolution.

Every type of film, every type of light, every type of subject. This baby can do it all! I’m constantly putting new film in this… anything I can get my hands on! I scour ebay and local photo shops for the weirdest stuff I can find. It’s all beautiful with this Russian queen! Whether it’s color negative, slide, or B&W… you’ll love it!

I kept hearing that people take this camera everywhere. Clearly these folk are crazy, right? Well that’s what I thought. When this little dude came in the mail I never put it away and never took it out of my pocket! I walk around with 10 rolls of film. It’s a sixth sense. I just see something and imagine it through the eye of the LC-A and shoot it. It’s got automatic exposure, so just set the ISO dial and click away! The manual range focusing seems as if it doesn’t even exist after the first couple of rolls I shot. It’s natural!

People ask me about the camera all the time… generally they’ll just get confused as to why I’m shooting with film and stop asking questions! Every once in a while someone will ask about Lomography in general when I tell them about it, and I’m certain some people have gone on to check out the web site! It’s not only a wonderful camera, it’s a conversation piece! Certainly a classic, and for good reason. Get yourself one of these as soon as you muster up the cash and you won’t regret it for a second! The only advice I can give on this camera is get one and never stop! EVER!

written by butter on 2008-10-15 #gear #35mm #review #lc-a #lomo

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