One Month Walking Around in San Francisco


A one-month walking tour through the beautiful and interesting city of San Francisco, aching feet included but a lot of unforgettable memories and my favorite analogue photographs from my Diana F+ and L-CA lomography cameras.

Last March I had the opportunity to spend one month in San Francisco. I was accepted to do a clerkship in the emergency room of a hospital in downtown S.F. via internet and I rented a room in a classic Victorian house in Haight-Ashbury. So I packed my bags, of course including two close friends of mine – the Diana F+ and my boyfriend’s LC-A - and got on the plane to the city. I have to mention that it wasn’t an easy task to persuade my boyfriend to give away his favorite camera for a whole month.
I instantly fell in love with the Victorian houses which are everywhere especially in Haight-Ashbury. So they became one of my favorite photography subjects. Although I have to say the house I was living in was pretty on the outside but pretty cold inside. Anyway, I had some very nice flatmates there from all around the world.

To see as much as possible, I just picked a district every day and started walking around. With a map in your hand and maybe a guide book nothing can go wrong. S.F. is crowded with all kinds of interesting people and locations, so keep your eyes wide open.

If you like some natives to show you around their city I have two tips for you:
1)For a guided tour on murals in the Mission check out

2)For several different kinds of free walking tours by S.F. locals check out The one that I liked a lot was the Japanese Tea Garden tour.

I have to admit that after about two weeks my feet got really tired of all the walking and I slowed it down a bit in the end. An alternative would be to take the bus but as you can imagine for a determined lomographer this is not really working. So there is definitely no better way to get to know the city than walking!

Thanks to the internet I found the photo store, Photoworks which does film processing and printing. So I didn’t have to wait until I got back home to have my photos developed. They have several fridges filled up with all kind of films and also lots of expired rolls laying around. They process your films in 1-2 days. You can choose between different borders. I’m totally into the clean white border. I wouldn’t say they’re especially cheap but I really like the quality, I haven’t found anything like this in Germany. Check out

So basically the only advice that I can give you is to pack your cameras plus enough rolls and start walking!
If you like to ask me any further question feel free to do it!

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  1. shadrack1
    shadrack1 ·

    Love the photos. SF is my favourite city.

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    You really made me wanna go ! : )

  3. purple_snow
    purple_snow ·

    Thank you guys!! :)
    And I'm really happy about every like!

  4. bravopires
    bravopires ·

    great shots!

  5. walkerchoo
    walkerchoo ·

    i think SF is definitely a great place for lomo

  6. maria_vlachou
    maria_vlachou ·

    great photos!!!

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