Analogue Events: Pompeii - Life in A Roman Town 79CE Exhibition

The Roman Town of Pompeii was buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted on 24th August 79 CE. It was only rediscovered in the 18th century. This exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore features 279 artifacts on loan from The Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Naples and Pompeii, Italy. This event runs from 16 Oct 2010 till 23 Jan 2011.

When one steps into the exhibition hall, one will see the resin body casts of the victims, their pet dogs and pigs. Due to the speed and extremely high temperature of the volcanic ash, the victims perished in an instant and their last expressions are “frozen” forever.

The next part of the exhibition is the “Town” area, it showcases how the Pompeiians lived, entertained and conducted business. The most interesting exhibits, in my opinion, are the gladiators’ equipment.

On the edge of the Town area is a section on necropolis (cemeteries) and afterlife.

Next, the “House” area showcase various sections and varieties of Pompeii housing. On display are various frescoes (painted wall decorations), and household items. There is even a mosaic fountain!

If you are going the the exhibition with children, they can have fun at the Children’s Interactive Space whereby they can learn more about volcanology and do some arts and craft.

The exhibition also has 2 short films about Pompeii. One is a 3D Film: The Final Hours, based on Pliny the Younger’s eyewitness account of the different phases of the eruption. The other is a documentary: The Next Pompeii? This is a documentary about experts’ fear that Mount Vesuvius could erupt again and wipe the city of Naples from the map.

Overall, this is an enjoyable experience and I hope to visit more of such educational exhibitions in future.

Source: Pompeii Exhibition Gallery Guide

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