Looking out from the World's Edge

Taking you off the usual tourist track and onto the edge of a cliff where the views are breathtaking and you can never tire out of looking into the blue. Let me share with you guys the analogue photographs that I took from a trip to the breathtaking Dingli cliffs.

I’m too young to remember it clearly, but I do recall a point in history when people thought planet Earth was flat (let’s blame the French and their Crêpe for it, hopefully they won’t mind). Living in an island like Malta, surrounded by a wide expanse of sea, it’s easy to see how the idea might have seemed appealing. Once you’re at land’s end and walking on water in Pumas just doesn’t seem quite right; thinking about what’s beyond that line is sort of perplexing if you’re feeling pensive. Otherwise you just sit down on a bench, bite into your sandwich and enjoy the view because it’s really quite something. Let’s call it the great blue yonder: blue sky, blue sea, and a thin line where they fuse together. A bit like a blue Rothko painting, except that this one’s alive and you’ll never manage to stick your finger into it – the only reason why there’s no one sitting next to it ready to tell you not to touch it.

After the breathtaking view at Dingli Cliffs in a nutshell (phew), let’s talk about what else is there to see and shoot. Not much actually, a small chapel, a radar station, a restaurant, and a couple of farms dotting the area here and there, that’s about it.

There’s probably more sheep and goats then people living there (not that that’s a bad thing) It’s also very calm and silent up there and you won’t even hear the waves crashing because the sea is just too far down. There’s always a good chance of bumping into the odd tourist here and there or a local just out for a breath of (very) fresh air. It’s also a popular hangout with falconers (and their falcons) so you might also be lucky to catch that.

Being quite an off the beaten track location most visitors of the island don’t get to visit Dingli cliffs unless they’re driving a rental car. Trekking, the healthier option, is something that you can also consider although I’m not one who’s into much physical activity but I do recommend it. If you’re there during the winter months, do zip up because it does get pretty cold and windy and you don’t want your good old fingers to freeze before you make those clicks. Enjoy!

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