Take a Hike to Eaton Canyon (Pasadena, CA)

Are you on the lookout for a place to go hiking in Southern California? I suggest that you check out Eaton Canyon and you will definitely be rewarded with a great outdoor experience with lots of awesome opportunities to take photos.

Eaton Canyon is a natural area of land that offers great hiking trails and plenty of equally great photo ops. First, you have to drive to Pasadena, CA and park in the lot (it’s free) then you can check out the Nature Center to learn more about the area and check out all the displays.
From there you can head out to one of the trails. The most popular trail is the one that ends with a 50-foot waterfall. This trail features some gradual inclines along the way, but overall, it is not a bad hike.
You will encounter a river along the way and at some points you will even have to navigate your way over the river by carefully stepping on rocks to lead you to the other side.

Credits: jblaze823

This is a rewarding hike with beautiful scenery and a great way to get out of the city and just have a nice day surrounded by nature.

Credits: jblaze823

Unfortunately we did not get to see the waterfall on our first trip because it was getting too dark, but we will not miss the chance the second time around.

To prep for your trip, you will need to prepare some water and good shoes because it can get really hot during the summer months. Don’t worry about possible fees as the parking is free and so is the Nature Center.

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