Diana F+: A Dive Into The Past!


When I decide to make a trip somewhere, there is nothing better than my Diana F+. Instead of buying some postcards, I actually prefer taking some shots with my jewel: you cannot imagine anything more vintage and retro! That’s why I strongly recommend this camera to all the travelers and nostalgic of the ‘60s.

The Diana F+ is a faithful recreation of the original 100% plastic Diana camera created in the 1960s by a small firm in Hong Kong, the Great Wall Plastic Factory. Even the Diana Flash has been re-crafted to look and feel like the original. One of the characteristics that makes the Diana F+ a vintage camera is firstly the 120 film format which it uses: this way the photos you will take will be square, unless you use the endless Panorama mask which let you create beautiful and original panoramic views. The lens are made of plastic and this gives your photos soft and dreamy effect, super-saturated colors, unpredictable blurring and random contrast.

There are two shutter speeds, “N” for normal daytime snapshots and “B” for unlimited indoor and nighttime exposures; three focus levels and four aperture settings: sun, partial clouds, full clouds and “P” for pinhole shots. Yes because, if you remove the lens, your Diana F+ will become a pinhole camera. And then, of course, the flash which includes a packet of plastic color gel filters for colored lighted shots. And you can easily take it out and use it separately from your camera, flashing for example again and again your long-exposure photos (old school effect).

I must say I adore taking my Diana F+ with me especially when I visit some romantic or nostalgic places: few days ago I went with some friends of mine to Venice just for one day and of course my Diana F+ was with me. I think her plastic lens and her vintage style are really perfect for this so wonderful and old city. Fortunately the weather was sunny and the film that I used was ideal for this location: the Kodak Portra 400 VC let me show up the bright and sparkling colors of Venice, without renouncing to the blurry-soft, dreamy-toned and vignette pictures typical of this camera. And then I took some long-exposure shots, sometime moving lightly the camera creating a sort of “ghost photos”.

The Diana F+ is great for portraits too: try to flash your friends while they’re smiling or while they don’t see you; or test your gel filters in your flash and throw a light of colors upon your subject…but remember to get always close to it!

Finally, I would like you to know that with the Diana F+ you can really do whatever you want; from multi-exposures to endless panoramas, from wide angle pinhole shots to long exposures and, obviously, never-ending flashing photos…

…you all will fall in love with your Diana F+, as soon as it is in your hands! Love at first sight just like it happened to me!

Check out the Diana F+ microsite here

written by aleczanussi on 2008-10-13 #gear #medium-format #120 #review #diana


  1. pink-fu
    pink-fu ·

    true! Love at first sight!

  2. stinketier
    stinketier ·

    I love my Diana+
    And my Lenses and my 35mm Back
    It's so great

  3. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Great shots, especially Venice!

  4. g_ray
    g_ray ·

    The 'SUPER WIDE ANGLE LENS' is a must must must :)

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