A Lomography Tour!

I went on a little tour with two of my musician friends (Jason Manns from L.A./USA and Emad Alaeddin from Amman/Jordan) through Germany, and I knew from the start that my Diana Mini and Diana F+ had to travel with us.

Jason had the chance to play at the Ring*Con in Bonn, which is the biggest fantasy convention in Germany, before the tour started. We took some funny pictures of the dressed up fantasy fans with the Diana Mini.

Photo from bloemche

After the weekend we finally picked up Emad at the airport to start the tour. Both singer/songwriters knew each other since college. They lived together for a while in L.A. and although they couldn’t be more different, they complement one another and it is fun to see them on stage together.

Whether alone (both are normally solo performers) or together for a couple of songs, the shows in Cologne, followed by Frankfurt and Berlin were a huge success. Emad, who had never been in Germany before, won Jason’s fans over. Jason had been in Germany in May for three shows in Bad Neuenahr, Cologne and Frankfurt, and he has a little fanbase over here who know him because he’s friends with the actor Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) and for his performances on several Supernatural Conventions within Europe.

Whether at the gigs, during sightseeing or in the car, the Diana Mini and the Diana F+ were always there with us.

Credits: bloemche

A highlight of our tour was meeting trashpilotin at a rest stop where we wanted to eat, on our way to Berlin. She had her
Spinner with her. This was one of the amazing photos that she took:

Photo from trashpilotin

I sent Jason the link to the Lomostore in L.A.. I had no idea if he has gone there already, but he wanted to go for sure. Emad was in love with the Diana Mini (since he first met “her” in London, and where I met the guys in July) and I think as soon as a Lomo store opens in Jordan he will be a regular!

In case of interest – Jason is in Singapore for some gigs next month and Emad is coming back to Frankfurt in March. It’ll be worth it!


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