A Fruit Farm for the Big Kid


Malaysia is (quite literally) a stone’s throw away from Singapore. Singapore is a small island in Southeast Asia and sometimes it can get a bit boring. When it does (and one lacks the thick, padded wallet for a luxurious trip overseas), we can count on our trusty neighbour, Malaysia!

Driving to Desaru only took about 1.5 hour with the help of the GPS and the (many) road signs pointing us to the right direction. Look out for the many signs to direct you to the Desaru Fruit Farm.

For 20 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), we got ourselves a guided tour of the place. The local guide speaks pretty decent English and she is friendly and patient in explaining to us all the different fruits that they have. We get to go near the trees and fruits, touch them, and smell them. It was a refreshing experience for a city-dweller like me.

Credits: awesomesther

The farm also has a fish pond where you can buy fish food for MYR 2.00 and feed the fishes.

Credits: awesomesther

Not only that, the farm also has a mini zoo inside too!

Credits: awesomesther

I was on tour with three families with young children and the children were so thrilled and excited to get their hands on everything. I believe it must have been a great experience for the children to be so close to nature and have some educational/experiential learning while having fun. What’s more, at the end of the tour, every participant gets a mixed fruit platter fresh from the farm!

So, if you’re in Singapore or Malaysia and wondering where to go next or what to do over the weekend, why not pop by this place and experience all the fun for yourself?

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  1. csy
    csy ·

    Nature is the whole of the life~

  2. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    @csy thanks for the like, and yes, nature is the greatest beauty one can behold too :)

  3. brbteatime
    brbteatime ·

    The colours look so good.
    I'll go to Malaysia one day!
    and I heard Cameron Highland has one of the best sceneries.

  4. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    @brbteatime thanks!! Yea, as compared to Singapore, Malaysia has more of the nature :)
    And yes, Cameron Highlands is a cool place. Been there a long time ago, I think I would love to visit that place again. You can try Penang too, in Malaysia :D

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