Waterfall Trails - A Journey Through Pondoland


One of South Africa’s best-kept secrets is hidden along its eastern coast – the Transkei. It remains untouched and is rich in culture, people, and wilderness. With no cellphone signal, internet or electricity close by there’s nothing else to do but explore our surroundings and create our own adventures.

The Hartfords, Meeks, Almons, a Dancer and an Otte(with 5 cameras in tow) all set out on this adventure (15 of us in all) to Lambasi Bay about an hour’s rocky drive from Lusikisiki. Sightseeing along the drive involves spotting cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens and as spring has just been all the babies were out and stumbling about. Unaware of what to except on arrival we were pleasantly surprised to see our home for this outing. With two side cottages and plenty of beds in the main house there was more than enough space. Half of the beds sat on a patio and for those that chose to sleep outdoors they were awoken by the most beautiful sunrise each morning. The sea was a mere hop, skip, and a jump away from the house and the sound of the ocean was louder than I have ever heard it before.

Upon waking up and having a swim in the sea or playing in the sea, in my case, we usually get a big breakfast before setting off to exploring. Our first exploration involved walking up a little river which runs into the sea. After about 20 minutes, we hit our first waterfall and pool. This was just a small one but the water was lovely and it allowed me to have some fun with the cameras while people were jumping over me and around me into the water and we even dared to swim into the middle of the pool with the spinner! We continued along the trail ’til we reached the next waterfall and pool to swim in. It felt like being in the middle of the jungle as the foliage was lush and only light streaks of sunshine fell through into the pools. Needless to say, we revisited these waterfall pools more than once.

We found another trail to explore on another beautiful day to find more extraordinary views, waterfalls, and pools to swim in and get a little massage under.

The main attraction was Waterfall Bluff, it is one of the largest waterfalls into the ocean within the southern hemisphere. This we did not just stumble upon but actually took a 5km drive to the starting point of our hike. It was about a 15-20km return trail. We started at Goss’s point and along the walk passed a beautiful milkwood grove, some amazing cliffs that fall into the ocean, dolphin pods, beautiful streams, some goats, cows, sheep, and amazing scenery. We even picked up three dogs that joined us for the entire walk. Upon reaching Waterfall Bluff it was truly magnificent and upon standing beneath it you feel as if you’re in a midday rainstorm without a cloud in sight. We walked up to the pools above it to have our picnic, a swim, and to give our legs a slight reprieve before our walk back.

On days not spent waterfall hunting we played and swam in the sea and on the beach (which hosted a 5-6 storey high sand dune and lots of cows) playing beach bats, poi-ing, eating, sleeping or just tucking into a good novel. If some relaxing is what you need, this is the place to come and recharge your batteries.

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